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Space relaxation

In a new building combining rustic and contemporay, opened by large windows on the nature, you can bask in hot bubbling bath of whirpool SPA, enjoy the warmth of the Sauna, to make use of « training » équipment, to relax with a « ayurvedic body massage » and to take a rest on the sun terrace.


The combined effects of heat from the water, feeling of slowing down of action ot the massage are the ingredients of a good hydrotherapy. The hot water at 35 degrees increases blood flow to stimulate the secretion of endorphins as natural painkilling. The heat, delating the blood vessels improves the blood circulation. The muscles have a better supply of oxygen, toxins are removed and betterblood pressure decreases. The blood circulation also stimulates the lymphatic glands. The drainig of the skin is also highly improved. The greasy cells ar eliminated and the skin become firmer, brighter and smoother.

The total immersion in the water reduces body weight releaving pressure on joints slackening the muscles. The massage, rhytmic pressure water jets and air mixed tension calming down the hurting muscles and increasing the action of hot water and steadying the body. The fluid machanics is very precise. The jets located at strategic points ar directed to the most important muscles and may very pressure and geometry for several types of massage.


The saunaThe sauna provides a warmth very dry (between 3 and 20 percentsbof moisture depending on whether you ar on the bench top or bottom). The high temperature causes sweeting which allows to reject important toxins and cleanse the skin. The sauna relaxes muscles and releives aches and osteoarthrisis. For more efficiency, the session must be followed by a warm shower and a quarter hours of complete rest. It is not recommanded for people suffuring from heart disease, circulatory or respiratory troubles.

le Spa (jacuzzi)
Le Spa
terrasse solarium
Sun terrace
modelage du corps ayurvédique
Ayurvedic body massage
le sauna
The Sauna
La terrasse solarium, l'espace détente, le spa et le sauna à la nuit tombée
Space relaxation
Espace detente, le sauna
L'espace detente


Space relaxation (Spa, Sauna, Training, Solarium) 1h30

1st session / person € 20
2d session / person € 15

Ayurvedic body massage 1 h€ 60

Body massage & space relaxation acces..        € 80

Gift box relaxation€ 199

      Comprenant :
  • 1 night 2 persons "la Bergère"
  • 2 breakfasts
  • 2 space relaxation acces
  • 1 body massage
  • ½ Champagne bottle

Timtable : by appointment

Unauthorized to children

Bathing suits ar not provided

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